A Few Words on the Coding Style

Friday, October 26, 2007

When developing software, it is important to adopt a good and consistent coding style. It doesn't matter to a computer what coding style you use or if you use any at all. However it does matter to other people reading your code. Even if you work on a project alone and the chances of other people reading your code are pretty slim, it still makes sense to use a clean coding style. Experienced programmers know that after a couple of weeks, even own written code becomes difficult to understand if it is written poorly.

When it comes to a coding style, my opinion is that any coding style that makes sense to you is okay as long as you stick to it. Inconsistent coding style is a terrible thing and shall be avoided at all cost.

CSharpFriends.com has a . I use the same style with only few exceptions. So, I highly recommend that you read that document. It is a bit lengthy, but will help you quickly grasp my code and the time you will invest in reading it, will pay off quickly.