Building Facebook Applications with ASP.NET

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I have recently started playing with the Facebook platform. The more familiar I become with developing for the Facebook platform, the more excited I get.

With the release of the by Clarity Consulting, Facebook development for .NET programmers has become very comfortable. I've been developing for the Microsoft .NET platform for several years and it was nice to learn that I could leverage this knowledge and experience when developing for Facebook.

It must be noted that I was able to get the IFRAME version of the Facebook application working immediately. However, I had been struggling exactly a day to get the FBML version of my "Hello World" Facebook application working.

To help fellow programmers, I have created a very simple Facebook application. The Visual Studio 2005 project can be downloaded from here: .

My application is located at: and a screen-shot of it is shown below. As you can see, for now the application doesn't do much. It just greets a Facebook user.

The screen-shots below show exact settings of the application in the Facebook application settings. Important changes are given in red circles and I have added some comments in red color as well.

Base Options

Installation Options

Integration Points

In order to get your ASP.NET based Facebook application working, obviously you will need an ASP.NET hosting.

The only problem that I see now is debugging the application. However, I have solved this problem. Not a very elegant solution, but gets the job done. More about it will be addressed in the next post.

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Hi George,

I am actually developping an ASP.NET Facebook application, but I have a problem as you got here :

I wanted to download your project to see how you fixed the problem but the file is not available anymore...

So please if you have it, can you send it to me on my email address ? Here is my email : netlink0702 (at)

Thanx !