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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thank you for visiting As you may have already guessed from the name of the blog, will be dedicated to software development. Unlike many other blogs and web sites, our focus will be real-world, complex, enterprise scale applications. I will try to uncover topics not taught in most of the books about computer programming. On you won't find such examples as Dog inherits from Animal. Everybody can teach Object-Oriented Programming on simple examples. However, when it comes to large, complex, distributed applications, the task becomes daunting.

Search The world's largest online shop lists thousands of computer programming books but hardly will you find a descent book about building real-world applications. Of course, there are a couple of great books out there, but one cannot cover everything in a book or two. However, on a blog, I'm free to post and deliver material as we progress.

To sum up, will touch advanced topics of software development and will be most interesting to "intermediate" programmers who are just starting working on large-scale, applications. Our main focus will be Web applications, however many of the concepts will be applicable to non-web applications as well. Microsoft .NET 2.0 will be the primary platform. All of the samples will be in C#.